At first glance, global trade would seem incompatible with environmental protection. Yet, also, the inverse can be true – the changing condition of the biosphere modifies trade patterns. Harmonised liberal sustainably viable trade agreements have the opportunity harness the benefits of trade while reducing environmental costs. For example, an increase in trade can support economic growth and well-being, to contribute to a greater capacity to manage the environment more effectively if seen through the lens of the Sphere Economy. Thus, by doing more with what we have and improve access to new technology integration can diminish the use of inputs such as energy, water, and other environmentally harmful substances.

Similarly, trade and investment liberalisation can provide incentives to adopt more stringent environmental standards as sectors become ever more exposed to environmental impositions as well as finding it the most profitable thing to do. Consequently, this trade agreement can stimulate the use of better cleaner production processes, better more functional decision making, and technologies.

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