The 27th February 2021 would have been Lord Paddy Ashdown’s 80th Birthday. In celebration of a life well lived, and the immense contribution he made to making the world a better place to be, The Paddy Ashdown Forum are pleased to present The Paddy Ashdown Conference.

The Conference was in two parts:

1) The morning session was be led by people who knew Paddy, and they discuss Paddy’s immense contribution to peace processes and the political future of the Balkan region as well as tell us about their friend Paddy with some amusing anecdotes.

2) The afternoon session was dedicated to younger people who ultimately will shape their future and give freshness and hope to the region.Themes discussed ranged from the involvement of young people in political future to the climate emergency and the coming together of all for an inclusive freer and more just world.

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