Conversation with Liberal International President Hakima El Haité and Liberal Democrats Leader Sir Ed Davey

What makes a good United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties?

The National Liberal Club Sustainability Forum with the Paddy Ashdown Forum, are pleased to present very experienced COP contributors:

Hakima El Haité – President of Liberal International
Hakima was elected Vice President for the Historic Paris Agreement, and was Environment Minister for Morocco, Chair COP22, is an advisor to COP26 in Glasgow. Hakima will be speaking on her experience on how to make history.
Sir Ed Davey, Leader, Liberal Democrats.
Ed Davey, Former Secretary of State for Climate Change and Energy, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the United Kingdom, a veteran of 5 COPs will be sharing his view on how Climate Change Conferences operate, and what his view is on how they can be improved.

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