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Imagine writing a letter to the future, what do you want to tell them? You joined a systemic revolution or continued doing what you had been doing hoping for the best!

Our Purpose

To transform operational and value chain practices within business, NGOs and Governments, through the use of the Sphere Economy framework to become higher performing, more inclusive, more equitable and fairer.

By blending interdisciplinary knowledge with real-world problem-solving, the Sphere Economic approach prepares all those we work with to rethink their habits and move from two-dimensional thinking to three dimensional. This means preparing everyone for not only the technical and economic demands of the future but also foster social and environmental intelligence. This is a unique proposition in the field of consultancy and corporate education that drives out waste, cost, and risk to uncover opportunities missed.

Our Mission

Through continuous innovation we challenge orthodox thinking where decisions favour isolated mechanisms to shift to relational approaches where performance for businesses, society and the natural world improve by tackling multiple issues simultaneously. This requires moving from compartmentalised uses of holistic to wider boundary setting to capture opportunities for all. To move from being not as bad to being much better.  To be able to see more consequences before in contrast to suffering unintended consequences after.

Expected Outcomes

Key outcomes are increasing performance, productivity, and profit by reducing waste, cost and risk allowing opportunities foregone to emerge. 

To foster Sustainable Viability by seeing things as a system and not in isolation.

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