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Workshop Plan

In a world where we end up producing results nobody wants (yet we all contribute to them) we need new ways of thinking, acting and leading.

This workshop is tailored for leaders who are:

  • focussed on increasing margins
  • almost in permanent crisis
  • looking to enduringly control costs
  • seeking novel ways to increase performance
  • experiencing the same repeating problems
  • looking to improve their career prospects

While prior familiarity with systems thinking or complexity theory is not mandatory, an open-minded and adaptive mindset is highly encouraged.

Why this is relevant

In a complex, interconnected world, traditional orthodox approaches to management miss the strategic opportunities available from joining up, rather than breaking down, organisational problems.

By using a globally experienced, highly published, consultant and recognised systems leader, the workshop provides a global standard and shows how to apply locally.

What you will study

By providing specific tools such as modelling, systemic coaching, experiential learning, smart inquiry, and models to enable effective systems thinking to take place the workshop will endow you with a powerful tool to shift cultures to cut across silos and deliver performance gains that are more sustainable.

You will gain hands-on experience in applying Systems Thinking and Systemic Leadership Skills to your own professional/organisational context. 


You’ll also gain insight into how you can remove yourself from the treadmill of crisis management and uncover fresh opportunities. 

The programme is designed to maximise the opportunities for you to transform your career, through the impact you can have upon your own business.

After the workshop you will be connected to a community of systemic leaders sharing experiences.

Programme running order and timing 3.5 hours:

  • Introduction to The Sphere Economy
  • Systems thinking
  • Explore systemic leadership
  • Boosting performance and the boundaries of value development
  • Identifying waste to uplift productivity and income
  • Hands on experiential learning on decision making (group exercise)

The workshop will draw on the concepts and suite of tools specific for sphere economy, systemic coaching, experiential learning, experimenting with how systemic perception and systems thinking can be used together in decision making, testing, and tapping into intuition as essential leadership skills.

Price – £450

Workshop enquiry

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