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PAF is a Think and Do Tank that brings together senior academics, other think tanks, NGOs, industry, academia, and policy makers to produce new thinking on domestic, European, and international issues: and to promote education regarding national and international governance from advancing research that recognises the importance of critical systems thinking in decision making as well as its practical implementation into real-world situations.

Uniquely, the work of PAF enables consideration of alternative ways to govern the provisioning of resources interdependent with issues of equity and justice. Such an approach realises the importance of feedback loops within decision making to understand the effects of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, governance and social ecosystems of the sphere economy. How actions of each affects the many. How work on one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) can impact on another – positively or negatively.

Far from existing in 17 silos, performance in meeting the goals is subject to performance of feedback loops.
Action on one affects the many.

Corporate Partnership Programme

With our corporate partnership programme, business stakeholders can support our research and project implementation efforts through annual corporate donations.  

Your support expands our work to drive growth and jobs in fields that must be both sustainable and viable. To remain relevant entities, need to be responsible and resilient. 

Integrating climate risks and opportunities into decision making is becoming normal. What is not normal is critical systems thinking in decision making: this raises the bar further creating optimal outcomes for communities, wider societies, the biosphere as well as the source entities of the original decisions.

In developing the sphere economy that is sustainably viable, we are driven by an evidence-based approach where original insight is founded on practical resource and waste efficient solutions that tackle multiple, three-dimensional issues simultaneously. (The 5 Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability).

We work with our partners to develop further insights and practical deliverable outcomes where society can flourish in an era that repairs the damage of the past.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and support.

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